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Pastor and Staff
Rev. Lou Ellen Hartley

Pastor and Chief of Staff

Lou Ellen Hartley was born in Oklahoma and raised in Colorado. Since then, she has lived in a wide variety of places across the country, and has served churches in the Blackhawk, Savannah, Northern Waters, and John Calvin Presbyteries. Lou Ellen and her husband Brett enjoy the outdoors, cooking, and travel adventures.


Karen Medrano

Director Music Ministries

Karen joined the staff of First Presbyterian Church in November 2007. She lived in Ventura County, CA for 46 years where she began to study music at age eight. A music major in college, Karen moved to Inverness in 2005 with her husband, Benjamin, a guitarist. Since coming to FPCI, she has formed the “Summer Spirit Singers”, a summer woman’s choir, and the “Raise the Roof Festival Choir.” These seasonal groups promote friendships throughout the community, as well as raise funds through love offerings for our Habitat For Humanity washer/dryer fund.
Email – kmedrano@aol.com
Lori Evans
Director of Christian Education
Lori Evans was born in Pennsylvania and grew up here in Citrus County.  After graduating from the University of Florida, she became an English teacher.  Lori spent 19 years teaching before joining our staff in July of 2022.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, Dallas, and sons, Colin and Jake.  Together they enjoy spending time grilling at home, going to the movies, and traveling.”
Email – dcelori.fpc@gmail.com
Rick Dahlinger
Rick joined our staff in January 2016. He is from Massachusetts, went to college in Boston, and most recently was the organist at St. Margarets Episcopal Church in Inverness.
Rick is also a jazz musician with his own performing trio and teaches piano, arranging, and improvisation. His wealth of experience in the many facets of music bring a lively freshness to our worship experience.
Email – musthavemusic88@gmail.com

Danny Birstler

Sound Booth Coordinator, Photographer

Email – birstler@gmail.com
Laura Morrow
Office Administrator
Email – fpcinvoffice@gmail.com
Email  – fpcinvoffice@gmail.com
Linda Cridland
Email – ljc@cridland.com


Danny Sullivan

Facilities Manager

Email – savingsnakes@yahoo.com

Gary Oorbeck

Grounds, Maintenance , and Security


Vicki Oorbeck
Child Care attendant