What is Outreach?

Outreach engages in the evangelization of people presently outside our church.  Outreach is important to the church because it is important to God which makes it important to every Christian as it is commanded by Christ. By the church opening its doors to others these are some of the ways we are being disciples.Pancake Breakfas
tThe goal of our Outreach Committee is to do more of what works well for our church. To do better at what serves as acceptable, but that can be improved. As members of the Outreach Committee we make decisions that express direction, we plan events to get our name, First Presbyterian Church, out into the community and make our presence known.

We prepare the visitor packets as well as having ample supply at the Ask Me Desk and in the Sanctuary.

We have visitor teams that are responsible for contacting all newcomers. We obtain a list of newcomers from the church office each Monday.

We prepare information packets, including literature, mugs with pens, and a loaf of bread to each new member presented at their appropriate service.

We prepare for our “Bring a Friend” Sunday, which is designated as a yearly event.

We develop and participate in the community programs that will promote and identify FPCI and welcome all. This is also to include preparing all advertisement, organizing supplies, and/or purchasing supplies, etc.