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A Brief History

“The Presbyterian Church of Inverness was organized here Sunday under the leadership of Rev. Roseborough, an evangelist of that church. We understand that up to last night there was a membership of about 25. J.K. Kelley and T.H. Ramsey were elected and ordained as Elders of the church, and E.P. Graham and O.M. Johnson as deacons. The members of this new church are among the very best citizens of the town, and it is thought that prospects are exceedingly bright.”

Citrus County Chronicle, Inverness, FL Oct. 13, 1911

The First Presbyterian Church of Inverness began with a congregation of 25 citizens, in a very humble setting, and today, Over 120 years later, the church is home to approximately 208 souls. God has truly blessed this house of worship in the ever growing community of Inverness.

The congregation worshipped during its first year in the First Baptist Church of Inverness, and within a year had built a new church on Main Street in downtown Inverness. With the growth in the ensuing years, the decision was made in 1960 to build a new church to accommodate the expanding congregation. Construction of the new church began in 1962 and the building was completed in 1963.  By 1993, it was understood that a larger facility was required, and the property where our church now stands was purchased. Construction of the church began in 1993, and the first worship service in our new church home was conducted some 18 months later, on 24 July 1994.

We live in a world of rapid change. It would seem that the only certainty in life is change. The future is uncertain. There is uncertainty about the economy, the stability of the family, the environment, and world peace.

Although the future is uncertain, First Presbyterian Church of Inverness recognizes the need to remain firm in its beliefs, yet flexible in its mission to meet changes as they occur. We would endeavor to reaffirm and reinforce Christian values. We believe the following ministries are needed to meet the challenges of the future:

The primary mission of First Presbyterian Church is to encourage each person to develop a personal relationship with God in Jesus Christ. This is possible as the church provides opportunities for meaningful, inspiring worship and growth in personal discipleship of Scripture, prayer, the devotional life and service to others.

Further, we believe that First Presbyterian Church shall continue to be a fellowship in which there is the attitude of openness in understanding the Christian faith. We are enriched to the degree that we share our faith with people of divergent views. We are a caring community of Christians who mutually support one another in our efforts to pursue the highest Christian moral and ethical behavior.

We will continue to promote the sanctity of the Christian family, the sacredness of Christian marriage, and healthy relationships in the home between parents and children.

We will continue to provide a support community wherein children and youth may be nurtured to grow in an atmosphere of God’s love. We would like to enlarge this ministry by providing an environment where children and youth may enjoy support of peers, develop Christian values, and commit themselves to act upon their belief in Jesus Christ.

First Presbyterian believes that every Christian should exercise the ministry of invitation. We will encourage the people of our congregation to lead others to accept Jesus Christ and to invite others to participate in the life of the congregation. We believe that as the early apostles proclaimed their faith in Jesus Christ, so we must proclaim our faith in Him.

First Presbyterian Church has made major contributions to support those in need in Inverness, the nation, and the world. In the coming years, we desire to enlarge our commitment to these projects as well as finding new avenues of mission support.

First Presbyterian Church will continue to exist as a community of faith. It will offer a center where all may worship, study God’s Word, find fellowship, and enjoy Christian friendships. No church, however, can exist in a vacuum. We are concerned about the health of our community. In our changing society, therefore we must give increased attention to meeting the unique needs of the elderly, the divorced, the single parent, the young unmarried, and so forth.

Believing in the above, we will work diligently to attain these goals. Through our faith in God, our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can fulfill the purpose for which we were called.

A more complete history of our church is contained in our 100th anniversary booklet entitled “Celebrating Our Past.” The document may be viewed and downloaded here. FPC of Inverness 100 Years Church History Copies are available at the church office, should you care to have a hard copy.

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