Infants in Need

The Deacons have expanded the Newborn Mission, which is to celebrate and honor a new baby born to a member of our congregation, by creating a new mission for “Infants in Need.” Chairperson, Sandy Olson, has created a plan to provide a gift bag from First Presbyterian Church to be given to infants who are delivered at Citrus Memorial Hospital, but have nothing to go home to.
The gift list was developed by Sandy with input from Penny Zaphel, head of donations, Tammy Robinson, head of obstetrics, and the obstetric floor nurses. These gift bags will only go to those in need. The obstetric nurses will be in charge of determining who needs this gift. Sandy and Pastor Ron will deliver the first 4 gift bags in February. We are working with a need of 25 bags in a year as estimated by Penny Zaphel. With CMH delivering 450-500 babies in a year, this number may change as the year progresses.
CMH plans to take pictures and write an article for distribution in their newsletter. Sandy has also contacted Nancy Kennedy of the Chronicle who will be present at the first donation. She will get information about the mission in a column of the Chronicle so the community can know what we are trying to do.
We will have fundraisers here at Church, and Sandy is also planning to reach out to the community for donations to the church for this program. The Deacons hope that our Church and all of its members will embrace and become a part of this new program so that it will continue for years to come.
Donations are needed and welcomed to help make this Mission work. Please make a donation by using the pink envelopes on the back of the pews. Checks should be made to First Presbyterian Church with the notation “Infants in Need.” The pink envelopes can also be used for cash donations. Again, please note “Infants in Need” on the envelope along with your name.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.