Officers, Elders, and Deacons

 Corporation Officers

Alicia Downing
Vice President
Linda Cridland
Cathy Larson
Caryl Birstler

Session Elders

The Session is made up of the Pastor and 12 Elders serving three year terms on a rotating basis. They are charged with maintaining the spiritual governance of the church and have authority over all church activities. The Session does much of its work through various committees and task forces.
Class of 2023
Barbara Caudill
Bruce Cook
Carol Kircoaf
John Morrison
Class of 2024
Caryl Birstler
Alicia Downing
George Schumacher
Carolyn Smith
Class of 2025
Barbara Dee Cawley
Linda Cridland
Jerry Reynolds
Leah Robinson


The Deacons are charged by the Session with certain specific responsibilities within
the local church. At First Presbyterian of Inverness, the Deacons are responsible for
assisting the pastors with the care of the congregation and its members. The Deacons
also do their work by various committees.
Class of 2023
Ray Birstler
Nancy Harris
Adele Wardrop
Class of 2024
Wilma Abel
Sandy Boyette
Ron Shafer
Mary Beth Smith
Class of 2025
Nancy Foley
Toni Scott
Phoebe Schumacher
Amanda Morrison